8.24.10 // HOW ODD : PART DEUX

The great thing about working such a wide variety of odd jobs is that I am learning more and more about the things that I love to do and the things that I hate to do. For example, I love road trips.. This explains the two road trip related jobs that I've worked. Contrary, I hate wearing a sign on my back.. I wouldn't have known this if I hadn't worked as a sign carrier for Modell's Sporting Goods.

So, without further adieu.. It is my pleasure to present THE LIST... (In chronological order, of course)..

Cupcake Token Distributor
I gave out tokens for free cupcakes to help promote a local bake shop at local events. I worked at my hometown's Thanksgiving Day parade.. and got to keep a few tokens for myself. Can't go wrong with free cupcakes!

Yes, you read that correctly. I got to dress up like an elf for a local boutique and paint the faces of kids who came in with their parents.
Unfortunately, I have no embarrassing photos of this one to share.. just let your imagination run wild.

No shame in this game.. Good under the table money!

Hallmark Card Creator
Not so much a job, but I did get paid for this one.. I designed the below card for a Hallmark Card contest and was chosen as a finalist. My card was sold in stores with my picture on the back! I've always been a big advocate of snail mail, so being chosen by Hallmark was a.. well.. Hallmark moment for sure..

Found my card at Walmart!
Inside: You always did know how to impress the ladies. Happy Birthday!

Roadie For Roadtrip Nation
I wasn't done with Roadtrip Nation after my Indie Trip.. I wanted more! I was thrilled when the opportunity came along to work as a Roadie for the spring college campus tour of 2009. Our team traveled all over the country in a big green RV to different campuses promoting Roadtrip Nation and recruiting future Roadtrippers. It was such an amazing experience! Although we started out as co-workers, I am proud to now call everyone that I worked with on this job friends (aww..). It might sound kind of sad, but I never really felt normal prior to meeting the people from Roadtrip Nation. It's like we were made from the same batch of cookie dough or something along those lines.. Everyone from RTN is passionate and creative and fun-loving. They know what it really means to enjoy life!

Promotional Work.. Lots Of It!

I did a ton of random promotional work after my Roadie Tour. I did the whole sign on my back thing that I described earlier. That wasn't my favorite.. I also worked for a really awesome company called Evol Burritos. They make all natural and organic burritos that are super yummy. I handed out burrito samples at a local grocery store. Actually, I handed out samples at the most amazing grocery store in the world - Stew Leonards. Check out that link.. It's pretty much what the lovechild of a giant grocery store and a Disney theme park would look like.

Burrito time!

This little man loved burritos.. and I loved him (who wouldn't?!)

I did a freelance photography gig for a really great website called Westport Patch (check out my profile page here!) I've always loved taking photos... I think it's in my blood because my dad used to work at a camera store.. but it wasn't until my Roadie tour that I really fell in love with it. I bought a Canon Rebel XS about a year ago and started trying to find ways to get paid to take photos. Westport Patch was hiring, so I applied!

Greeting Card Illustrator
I found a gem of a job on Craigslist a while back as an illustrator for a start-up card company called PigSpigot. It's a user-generated greeting card company that has an off-color sense of humor. Here are two of my greeting card designs:

If you so desire.. you can check out the rest of my designs here!

This was definitely one of my more... interesting jobs, to say the least. Actually, I should say.. this is definitely one of my more interesting jobs. Yep. I still do this one. I'm working for a childrens' party entertainment company as a princess and face painter whenever I can. I've been Snow White, Belle, and this rather scandalous fairy...

More Photo Stuff!
I did more photo work since getting out to California. I photographed a karate ceremony and worked for a company that hires people to be fake paparazzi for parties and events.

School Photographer
This is my current job. I'm working as a school yearbook photographer. I love it! Directing kids in the "sit straight up, hands on lap, chin up, slight tilt of the head" ways of school photos is so much fun. The people I work with are awesome and this job is definitely, I think, a good addition to my list of odd jobs!

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