Who doesn't love space?  Who doesn't love Disneyland?  Combine the two and (Great Scott!) you've got a hit.  Space Mountain is this week's ERMAHGERD! simply because it is so damn awesome.  Opening at Disney World in 1975 and Disneyland two years later in 1977, Space Mountain isn't Disney's oldest ride, but it's certainly one of it's most famous.  


What kid hasn't dreamt of going to space?  Walt had the right idea when he developed Space Mountain, but there are other reasons to love this far out ride.  I personally love it because you can feel the 70's vibe-ness resonating from the walls as you await your launch into "space".  Makes me feel like I might be in an early 80's space-themed movie like Starman or The Last Starfigher.

Here's the original commercial for Space Mountain at Disneyland from 1977:

Also, how rad is the music for this ride?  I once listened to this song while driving through a snow storm at night on the way to Montana.  No one was on the road because I was driving in the middle of nowhere at like midnight (not my wisest decision..), so I slowed down to a creeping speed for the beginning of the song and sped up once the music really got going.  The snow against the dark night gave the illusion of traveling through stars in space.. or a Window's screensaver.  I highly recommend doing the same if you ever find yourself in a snowstorm at night on an empty highway... plus, you won't have to wait in line.

What's your favorite Disney ride?  

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