In honor of Tuesday, the least talked about day of the week - besides Thursday, of course..poor Thursday - I have compiled a collection of some of my favorite music videos of all time.  Enjoy!

"Sledgehammer" - Peter Gabriel

I can recall watching this video as a kid on VH1 and being completely enthralled in every second of it.  I'm in love with the song/Peter's hair/that fruit face/the dancing chickens/the claymation... Ah!  All so good.

"Take On Me" - A-Ha

A girl ventures into a comic strip and falls in love with a hot illustrated man who comes to life in the real world.  The guy is totally 80's hot, of course - complete with teased hair, a leather jacket and a glistening layer of rocker sweat.  Need I say more?

"Once In A Lifetime" - Talking Heads

I love this video so freaking much.  I love this song so freaking much.  I love that it looks so lo-tech now and was so hi-tech when it first came out.  Such a great time capsule of music video technology!    

"Virtual Insanity" - Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai's hat!  His moves!  But how does he do glide like that?  This man is magic. 

"Buddy Holly" - Weezer

This video will forever be associated in my mind with my family's first real computer.  Our Gateway 2000 arrived one afternoon in a cow print box and within an hour of unboxing and setting it up, I was watching this very music video.  The computer came with a Microsoft Window's 95 CD-ROM (yes, I called it a CD-ROM.. throwback!) chock-full of videos and games including the "Buddy Holly" music video.  I watched it on repeat.  Like, all night long.  Seriously.  I was already a "Happy Days" fan thanks to Nick at Nite, but this video increased my love for the show tenfold.  My 9 year old mind was convinced that Weezer had actually been on an episode of "Happy Days" that I had somehow missed.  This video brings me back to the good ol' days of slow computer processors and dial-up signals and chatrooms.  Sigh.... memories.

"Praise You" - Fatboy Slim

Created in the days before Improv Everywhere and YouTube, this video is the original guerrilla-style crowd reaction experiment.  The video was directed by Spike Jonze and created for a menial 800 bucks.  It won three major awards at the 1999 MTV Music Video Awards and I still dream to this day about somehow being in the Torrance Community Dace Group.

"Last Leaf" - Ok Go

This video is SO beautiful!  Plus, I love toast.  Directed by one of my favorite artists today, Geoff McFetridge, the video is stunning and moving and probably took forever and ever to make.  Each frame is an individual piece of toast that was, well, toasted and then drawn on with a laser.  A LASER!  Come on!  That's impressive.  

Ermahgerd!  There are so many more.  Man, I love creative and talented people!  

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