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This week's Mail Order Interview is with the very awesome Carly Correa!  She's a pizza lovin', hip hop listenin', amateur roller skatin' art star from Los Angeleez.

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Carly loves the Spice Girls.  I mean LOVES them... so much that she dedicated her greatest work of art to them - a diary that she created at the age of 8 soley in honor of the girl power group.  Take a look at this fandom: My Spice Girls Book!!  She also really likes emojis.  Check out these sweet emoji buttons!  Don't you just want them all?!  Then go buy them here ya dingus!

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This girl is talented and cool.  Plus, she paints pictures of ice cream trucks.  ICE CREAM TRUCKS, people!  Come on.. who doesn't love a girl that paints ice cream trucks!

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Carly's got the drive and talent to make giant waves in the art world.  She's currently working as a textile designer in LA making dope patterns.  Be sure to follow her on instagram @carlycorrea and on tumblr!  Carly's also been kind enough to include a free giveaway with her interview - a printable MASH page!  Oh my goodness.  This game got me through so many field trip bus rides.  Thanks Carly!

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Say hello to professional weirdo Sara M. Lyons!  She makes things that are mostly cute, sometimes creepy, always awesome, and usually pink.  

Sara makes the greatest nail decals in the world that she sells in her Etsy shop AND on!  They'll make you want to organize a Now & Then - Clueless - Romy & Michele's High School Reunion movie marathon candy face stuffing slumber party with your best lady friends JUST so you can do each other's nails.  Seeeee......???

Sara also made a really cool zine about Lindsey Lohan called LINDS-ZINE that every man, woman and child should own.

Overall, Sara M. Lyons is an awesomely talented human and on her way to the top of the pink mountain of success!

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Guard your butts, people!  Today's Mail Order Interview is with buttlovin', uber talented illustraor Penelope Gazin.  Penelope's work is 50% pretty/50% grotesque, which means it's 100% amazing.

Adding to Penelope's street cred is the fact that she works for Fox's ADHD (Animation Domination High-Def) where she makes sweet animated gifs of Miley Cyrus' twerking butt, burger butts, witches butts and pretty much every kind of butt imaginable.

Penelope also plays a mini drumset in a band called Sadwich.  The band was started by Penelope and her roommate Natalie James.  The duo pump out the catchy, girly rock songs like it's their job.  Check them out on SoundCloud: Sadwich

Want a piece of Penelope?  Duh!  Who doesn't!  Check her out on Etsy!  Penelope Meatloaf


Okay guys.  We all know that hot dogs can go one of two ways - seriously amazing or seriously disgusting.  Since becoming a vegetarian four years ago, I have searched far and wide for a respectable veggie dog that weighs on the amazing side, but I have always found myself disappointed.  The dogs I've tried wind up rubbery or weird smelling or gray or non-edible or even... shiny.  I had pretty much given up my hopes of ever finding a respectable veggie dog when I arrived in Sedona, Arizona on a recent trip, but my gut told me that I should give it one more shot.  A quick smart phone search landed me at the front door of Simon's Hot Dogs smack dab in the center of the southwest's spiritual mecca.  With a 4.5 star rating on yelp, I knew that it was gonna be sweet hot doggy heaven!  As I walked in the door, I found myself greeted by friendly faces and a drool-worthly menu.  

Felipe (the man with the great smile pictured above) was super helpful and told me all about Simon's vegetarian and vegan options.  Simon's has the most amazing menu and caters to all diets (meat eaters included... so don't think this is one of those veggie joints that poo poos carnivores).  I opted for the vegan Hola Amigo.  Ermahgerd!  It was DELICIOUS.

In fact, it was so good that I ordered two more... ERMAHGERD!  Don't tell anyone.  But wait!  This place gets even better because... it's attached to A BREWERY!  I know!  Oak Creek Brewery to be exact.  An amazing hot dog and a tasty brew in beautiful Sedona, Arizona?!  COME ON PEOPLE!  It just doesn't get better than that.

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